Help us finish the Nutrition Center on our Own Land!

I will do my best to try and synopsize the last 10 years as briefly as possible and update you on the exciting measures happening at this very minute. What began as a photograph of 3 children who lost their mother to malnutrition taken in 2008 has evolved and continues to evolve into a catalyst for small miracles daily. From nutritious meals prepared and served by loving hands to 132 children who would not eat regularly otherwise, to medical miracles that walk around as healthy children with the promise of a future, reminding us of how fortunate we are to serve. One hundred children have gone onto Junior School and High School. Another hundred plus go to school regularly in uniforms and shoes purchased because of donations from people like you. Become one of the gracious angels in their lives who remains faceless but whose presence they bless daily. They know that they matter on this planet due to your sacrifice. I cannot thank you enough for embedding that lesson in their hearts.

Today, construction continues on our permanent nutrition center and vocational program. Underway is the initial phase of building the structure that will house our current program, with some expansion to develop a more substantial preschool nutrition program. The foundation was dug with pick axes and eager hands just this July by a team of volunteers from the states, shoulder to shoulder with parents of some of our children,Mormon Elders, and a core of hired,experienced locals. Work will continue as funds allow. We have invested $5,000 to date and an additional $20,000 will complete this phase. I have attached a breakdown format to give all who have shared the journey a better picture of what lies ahead. We will continue to raise funds and awareness as we operate our current program in our rented space. Operational expenses average $1,500 per month. We currently serve 132 children and provide a working salary to four women from the village. Please consider helping us in any way you can to reach this goal…
CLICK HERE to make a donation in any amount as all donations big and small are greatly needed!