Join A Service Team

When you join one of Daisy’s Children’s service teams, you directly make an impact on an entire village. You can change a child’s, a mother’s, or a family’s life for the better with your time and hands-on support.

Service teams are formed from a group of 8 min-12 max individuals. This group then focuses on providing hands on support for specific projects in the village, directed by a group leader.

Volunteers in our service teams focus on areas such as working in the daycare center, visiting our families, providing training in vocational center, providing manual labor or expertise in areas of mutual interest.

You can organize your service team and contact us directly to set up travel dates and service focus.

Make a difference with your time and direct support. Volunteer in Honduras to help change the life of a child, family, and village for the better.


7th Annual Honduran Rooster 5K Run and Walk

Sat., August 15th – 8:00 AM
North Berwick, ME
All Proceeds to Benefit Daisy’s Children


Use your interests or your talents to make a difference. Host an event to help raise funds for the children of Daisy’s Children.

Hold an art exhibit, road race, fair-trade show, fundraising dinner, speaking engagement, or anything that you can to raise funds.

Contact the director of Daisy’s Children for details and hosting information and support at