Daisy’s Children firmly believes that access to education will change the course of abject poverty rooted common to the mountains of Honduras. We cannot do this alone. Your help is vital to faces like these.

In the village of Concepcion del Norte a child cannot attend school without a proper uniform, a backpack, leather shoes, and all the supplies required. This is almost impossible for children who live in a village where the average income is less than $2 USD/day. How does a mother choose which child of her five or more should get to go to school?

With your help, the mothers of Daisy’s Children will not have to.

  • $25 will provide a backpack for a child of Daisy’s
  • $50 will provide a backpack and all typical supplies for a full year: copybooks, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, pencil case, pens, colored pencils, ruler, markers
  • $75 will provide three full uniforms to include 2 pair of leather shoes, 3 blouses/shirts, 3 skirts/pants, 6 pair of socks, and 6 pair of underwear
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